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Hi. I'm an art director looking for a web developer to implement a single web page, 'fancy' slide show for a bar client. It can be open source or custom code or combination of both. I'd like to get this done quickly within the next week or two. Please see info below along with link to initial layout. This is a fun project and looking to work with someone who knows proper code and reliable. Please send me an estimate and timing.

The web site will have an javascript animation intro made up of 3 photos that will also function as a preloader for loading a number of images offscreen.

Slide Show
The slide show will contain upwards of 300 images in 3 different sizes that are randomly and dynamically placed into the window port in a predetermined and repeating pattern.
• The entire slide show will automatically scroll from right to left.
• The large main image will have date from the image EXIF data (if it exists) displayed on a corner of the image.
• Clicking on an image will bring up that image in a Lightbox like pop over. Date and time from EXIF will be displayed here.
• In the Lightbox, I'd like to have the image tiled to cover the entire screen.
• I'd like to have a unique URL for the Lightbox image and have a simple way to copy the URL for sharing with others. • • There will be a nav that allows the user to go move the entire slide show to the left/right.

User Image Upload Mechanism
There will be a link throughout the site that allows the user to upload a single image, a folder of images or a zip file from his/her desktop to the client's web server for manual downloads by the client.

A CMS is not necessary. I was wondering if there's a simple solution like uploading different sized images to the corresponding folder on the FTP and have the system scan and pull the images from there. What other solutions are possible?

Layout PDF

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